Malaysia Fire Resistance Doors

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Fire Resistance Door

Since 1992, Desa K.L Enterprise Sdn Bhd has been providing uniquely quality fire resistance doors. Today, Desa K.L offers a wide range of wooden doors and fire resistance doors products which comply with latest Malaysia Standard of Ms1073 part 2 and part 3, 1996 specification on integrity, insulation and cyclic movement endurance test.
Integrity/Stability :
Ability of the door to contain fire at a specified time frame, preventing fire and smoke on the unexposed face.
Insulation :
The ability of the door to maintain safe temperature for a specific time.
“DESADOR” Fire Resistance Door Sets
Door Leaf
  Faced with 3mm MR Plywood Finish,
Klin-Dried Hardwood above density 850 kg/m3
Rockwool and Fibre Board
Door Frame
  Constructed of Heavy Hardwood of density 750 kg/m3 or above
The intumescent strip(fire seal) is flush throughout the frame.
Size Available
  Single Leaf Door - 915mm x 2135mm x 45mm thickness
Double Leaf Door - 2440mm x 2440mm x 45mm thickness
Specified for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestics buildings
- High rise apartments - Hotels
- Offices - Hospitals
- Schools - Factories
- Warehouses - JKR Projects etc
one hour fire resistance door
Doorset - 1 hour rating
- typical metal door jamb section
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