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General Moulding

Desa K.L Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a well-established company in producing superior quality. We offer a wide range of profile from architrave to outdoor decking as we always strive for higher quality product and continuously introducing more creative and more exceptional beauty profile.
Lamination Scantling
Outstanding Features
Characteristics Face Layer Core Layer
Surface Free from dead knots and sapwood. Small knots allowed
Resin pockets Not to exceed 3mm in width and 30mm in length and not exceed one per 2 meter of length of the piece Not to exceed 3mm in width and 75mm in length and not to exceed one per 2 meter of length of the piece
Sapwood Not Allowed Select and Better Grade
Pin holes Not allowed Scattered Pinholes allowed
Thickness : 72mm** (-0, +1mm)
Width : 86mm** (-0. +1mm)
Length : 80 - 300mm** (-0. +1mm)
**Dimensions can be adjusted according to customer needs.
Technical Description
Moisture content :14% - 12%
Surface property
: Planed all sides to
  smooth finish
Wood density : Above 450 kg/m3
Glue used : D4
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