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How to Choose Your Wooden Door for Your Residential or Commercial Properties

Wooden doors look exquisite, premium and solid. Wooden doors make it to everyone's favorite almost every single time. Here we dive in deeper to discuss the things to consider in choosing a wooden door, whether for internal or external purposes. Here are our five areas we always look into when picking the right type of wooden door.

Form Factor/ Design

Design is the first thing to appeal almost anyone and there is no way we can run away from it. So brace it. Think of the design of the wooden door that you want. Consider the age of your property and what doors are already fitted to it. It is also crucial in understanding the form factor, for where it should be fitted in the bathroom, kitchen, living room etc. There are several appearances and features one should first make clear, like paneled, boarded, flush, molded etc. For example, Desa KL has numerous variations of wooden decorative door. These includes solid decorative doors, solid decorative door with glass panels, solid decorative door with panel & glass, designer door and wave panel solid door. With the amount of wooden door offerings in the market, understand the needs and wants before deciding which door to buy.


Your choice for doors should always relate to what you will be using the door for. If it's for exterior uses you should be getting something more durable and solid construction for heavy uses. A boarded door or laminated finishing should be done for bring more weather and intruder resistant than an internal door. If you are fitting doors to your bathroom, always remember to get water resistant coating as wooden doors are prone to moisture absorbent. Or, if you are looking for doors on two stories domestic properties, you should be looking for fire doors rated FD30 to FC120 for safety purposes. Be sure to check on the label on fire door, frame and seal to make sure you have chosen the correct door specified by building regulations. For other practical examples, large doors may need to be made out of lighter material or the door frame may need strengthening for it to bear the weight.

Fabric/ Material

The materials used in the wooden door construction contribute to the overall cost, durability, security and appearance of a particular wooden door. Generally speaking the more solid and harder wood used the more durable and expensive a wooden door would be. Composite and molded wooden doors will be cheaper and lighter, more suitable for indoor usages. You can never beat a hardwood door in terms of appearance; it just packs so much elegance and beauty in the construction. If you need to customize the door to fit the frames, flush door blanks would be your best choice as it can be trimmed to desired designs and dimensions.


A door is usually fixed or fitted to a door frame with hinges or sliding rails. That being said, you should be checked against the maximum load-bearing limit of the door hinge. For fire doors, steel or stainless steel hinges must be used and expanding intumescent (smoke strips) are usually recessed into a groove in the door or frame. For Boarded doors, long strap hinges are attractive and can be fixed to the back or front. If there is sufficient clearance (door-opening space) next to a door but not in front of it, a sliding door could be used. These are often fixed either above or below the door frame to prevent it from moving off axis.


Now consider about additional furnishings to be fitted on the wooden door, think about handles, locks, automated devices etc. There is a wide variation of handles and knobs available in the market of different finishes. Brass and stainless steel are common examples used in door knobs and latches. If we are considering fire exits, push bars are needed and hold open devices can be wired up accordingly. Before choosing on commercial door locks, be sure the check the requirements on your insurance. If securing your parameters and assets is the main concern, a reinforcing metal door frame strip, door limiter, hinge bolts and spy hole can also be fitted to external wooden doors.

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