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What Makes Desakl.Com A Renowned Malaysia Wooden Doors Manufacturer?

Created back in 1988, Desa KL is currently a reputable manufacturer and distributor of wooden doors, providing a wide array of high quality products. Desa KL couples the innovative craftsmanship with increased utility and functionality of the doors, for the best results. At the moment, this company can deliver a wealth of other products in addition to wooden doors, such as fuel oil, lubricants, saw timber or diesel. Here, you can also find timber moulding products, decorative doors, joinery products as well as a collection of fire resistant doors.

Desa KL's Policy - An Overview

From the environmental point of view, Desa KL is committed to protecting the surrounding environment, and given the fact that the company is committed to delivering only products of top-notch quality, it only purchases tropical hardwoods from legal sources of timber. It is Desa KL's belief that by doing so, the world's natural forests will be conserved and protected.

At the same time, Desa KL has an irreproachable customer care service aimed both at merchants and retailers - all the hardwood doors are delivered quickly and effectively, and the well-trained, skilled staff will ensure quality customer care services after the sales, if required.

Products And Services Offered By Desa KL

Desa KL offers a plethora of different types of doors, in addition to the other products mentioned above. From decorative and fire resistant doors to wooden and timber doors, here you will surely find products that meet your requirements - not to mention that the Desa KL doors are available in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The collection of products is continuously improved, thus Desa KL maintains its flawless reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality doors in Malaysia. Also, if you do not know what type of door to choose, the experienced specialists here, who have an eye for style, can help you decide by offering you their extensive expertise and knowledge.

Taking the fire resistant doors as an example, it must be said that these doors are able to prevent both fire and smoke on their unexposed face - they come with an advanced type of insulation to keep a stable temperature, they are made from hardwood and they come with a fire seal that is flushed all over the frame.

The hardwood construction of up to 850 kg per m3 is what makes these doors so resistant and durable over the years. Given their properties and their pleasant aesthetic appearance, these doors are widely used for offices, schools, hotels, factories, hospitals or exquisite, refined apartments.

In addition to fire resistant doors, Desa KL also offers an extensive collection of solid decorative doors: with glass panel, with glass and panel, security designer doors, wave panel solid doors and such. On the other hand, if you are looking for outdoor decking services then you should know that Desa KL can deliver state-of-the-art products using creative and beautiful profiles that will make your home one-of-a-kind.

Last, but not least, Desa KL also uses many different species of temperate and tropical timber from different parts across Malaysia - the timber is carefully checked, to make sure that the quality is irreproachable.

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